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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Life on Hold - RANT! You may want to skip reading

That's what it feels like to me... "life on hold". I'm finding it harder and harder to "dream" about the future and where we will be in 10, 20, 30 or more years. I don't get excited about much anymore as far as moving to the country. I just can't see it happening and I wonder why we are even trying to hold onto 10 acres we will probably never use. Just seems so pointless anymore. I don't want to plan anything as I just can't see it becoming a reality. I'm disenchanted with Consumerism, the Economy and just want to "get off" the Crazy train! Banks SUCK! It's nearly the "Retail Season" and I can't wait for it to just be over. I'm not even enthused about gift making. We should have lived on cash only from the beginning. ZERO debt... now that's REAL FREEDOM!I WANT MY HAPPY LIFE BACK!

I just had to vent before I blow up... I'm better now.

I just wrote a letter to the President.


  1. I'm sorry you are having a really tough day today. It is hard when dreams start slipping away. It is hard when it suddenly starts feeling as if it is just not going to happen. Yesterday I had a rather down day too and it is good just to get it out there!

  2. Becky, Our lives are blowing up in our faces too. We found a house we like, only to get the cheapest insurance quote of $3100!!!! Seems like we will never have a place in the country, either. Wow, do I feel your frustration! I just wrote to my friend/realtor basically saying why??? Stuck in the trouble-filled rental, can't buy a house that isn't in the 'hood or in a super-congested treeless neighborhood. Every time we find something we like in our price range, the insurance blows up in our faces. I had quotes on the first house we liked for $5600 a YEAR!!! Tell me something isn't wrong with that! The first one has a tile roof, but the tile was "too old"; this one had a new gable roof and was a stick built house, instead of concrete block and hip roof. I am so fed up and disgusted and ready to cry. I told my husband that I am at the end of my rope... just need to tie a noose in it! Goodbye middle class.

    I am sick of consumerism too. I have been for a long time. Sick of egocentrism, materialism, victim mentality and the just plain stupidity I see all around me. Everyone has "rights" but no one admits "wrongs". Girlfriend, you are soooo not alone! Measure me by who I am, what I do, and what I know, not how big my house is, how much my things cost, the year of my car. Or the size of my stash.

    We are in this boat together. I think it is leaking though... Feel free to e-mail me whenever you want to vent. {{{hugs}}}

  3. Becky, You are so not alone, Hubby got hurt on July 21, 2010 as I have blogged about, he went for surgery, physical therapy and was released Aug 4th, 2011 to return to work and the company laid him off the same day! I kid you not! Now we have waited once again for Unemployment but because we were HONEST about him being on workmans comp..we have now waited 6 weeks with no money for the unemployment board of review to get to his claim
    ...I'm so tired of him being told "that's what you get for telling the TRUTH" ..sigh

  4. Times are bad but please don't give up your dreams. I know it doesn't help you or make things easier but I have been really impressed by the things you have done to cut your debt and make headway.
    Take care,

  5. i can completely relate to this "rant". We have had our house on the market for over a year. It has shown maybe half a dozen times. It is a nice house with many upgrades. My husband really wants to retire but can't as long as we live here (long story). Our kids who live half-way across the country are waiting for us to come live near them which we would do in a heartbeat if the house would sell. Many of our other responsibilities/ministries etc have been taken out of our hands preparing us to move ~ or so we thought. But we're still here with another winter coming on. i am also very frustrated and discouraged.
    We should form a club!!!

  6. I feel your frustration too. Things I dreamed of not so long ago, they're still there in the back of my mind, but.........

    Well, the job ended 5 years before I planned to retire. And the down payment I'd been saving - I got all squishy and loaned it to a desperate sibling, who years later blew me off because they needed that money for their new family - what am I? - chopped liver. The 401k shrank to the incredible 201k. Gas and grocery prices are skyrocketing, though we are told we don't have an inflation problem.

    I've gone from frugal mode to super frugal mode. Sometimes, it feels like survival mode.

    WOW. It's kind of like you gave me permission to vent too, and apparently I needed it. Thanks.

    brenda from arkansas

  7. Dear Becky ~ Life can be pretty depressing at times. Some days I just don't feel like getting out of bed, but that will get me nowhere. We also are thinking less of moving, because as things are right now, that's not possible.

    Venting does help, as keeping things bottled up inside can cause real problems.

    Hope today is a better day.


  8. Hi
    I have only just found your blog but am enjoying reading it (yes event the ranty bits lol). I think there are many of us out here, no matter where we live that feel like we are just stuck in a rut, just living paycheque to paycheque and it just sucks!
    For us, we dream of moving to the country, just a couple of acres, big enough to grow our own veggies, fruit etc and be that little bit more self sufficient. Reality though says we are stuck here in suburbia with buses and trucks rumbling past and shops within walking distance tempting the kids at every turn. We want out of the rat race. I look forward to following your blog and reading more about your lives :-)
    Chin up!!

  9. To Jackie, I,m thinking about your idea of starting a club. It did me good to vent, but it also did me good to read the other vents here. Maybe we need a RANT BLOG to use when the need arises to yell, complain, throw punches, shoot daggers, and say fake swear words. And having shed all that crap, then we can return to our naturally sweet selves. I think you're onto something.

    brenda from arkansas


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