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Thursday, September 29, 2011

On My Mind... Fall's arrival

Hawthorne Tree in the front yard.

Lantana that has been attracting butterflies by our front lamp post.

Cooler temps have meant Scott could work a bit on the house.
My days start at 3 AM... soon may be earlier.

On my mind ...

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  1. Strange to think lantana would be growing in someone's garden as it's a noxious weed in Australia. I like the Hawthorn tree. That's a good night photo and I don't envy you your early starts.

  2. 3 a.m....that is about the time I wake up like clockwork every night...its an awful time but I usually can go back to sleep. I hope you get to take an afternoon nap after starting work so early!

  3. That's a tough gig Becky to have to get up so early. With the cooler weather heading your way I guess you will have frosty mornings soon. Love your blog pics BTW. TFS
    Visiting from Down To Earth.

  4. Thanks for sharing your photos. An extremely early start to your day.

  5. Autumn is my favourite time of year, dont know that I would like to get up that early though...

  6. 3 AM is my regular Monday through Friday wake up time as I have to be to work by 5 AM; good thing about it is I'm done with work by lunch and then I can come home and take a nap.


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