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Friday, April 22, 2011

Looking like Monday

I have to go do a bit of shopping for a border fabric - possibly 2 for the Round Robin as My Zig Zag Border is a bit too exciting to set up right next to the previous round. I will stop at Jo-Ann's on the way home or maybe Hancock Fabrics. SO!!! It may be Monday before I get it in the mail to Carrolyn - I know she's excitedly waiting on it's return.

I've been missing my Grandmother - she raised me on a Dairy Farm in Upstate NY. This is a picture of her with her Begonias (in front) and Dahlia's (under the window to the right). Don't you just get to missing someone and want to call them and hear their voice? I know I do... she's been gone since 1992.
Grandma with Beauty


  1. I miss my mother. She passed away in 1978 and every time I look at the things she passed down to me I want to tell her how precious they are to me.

  2. i feel the same way. My "Gami" has been gone since 1970, my dad since 1975 and my mom since 2003 and i miss them more every day.

  3. You know Becky, I can see a slight resemblance - family features.

  4. I always miss people in April. Lots of them had April birthdays or passed away in April. I still miss them all.

  5. Just found your blog...from one former NYer and now also a South Carolinian, to another...I'll visit you often!

    Yes, I miss the sound of those I love who have gone on. I have my Dad's voice on tapes, calling his square dances...and on those, he laughs. I loved his laugh.
    Others, my grandfather, my brother...I long to hear but cannot.Someday, I believe, we will be reunited.
    Thank you, Becky.


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