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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Thursday Evening at the River

Thursday evening Scott and I decided to take Amelia to the Riverwalk to see how the tree clean-up was progressing. This tree would make a wonderful wood pile for someone thats for sure. I don't really know what the City will do with it - probably just throw it in the landfill.

It was a massive tree that had just reached the end of it's life; it would be nice to see it provide something useful to someone instead of just going somewhere to just rot away.

 As always there were flowers to see; this wild rose type plant grows right behind where the tree fell and every year it puts on this beautiful display. I just love Spring! We were also given the treat of spotting a Lunar Moth Chrysalis; the Moth had all ready departed . In the past we have been treated with seeing Lunar Moths and they are so beautiful. At our first house I had 4 o'clocks that bloomed right by the back door next to the patio and the Lunar Moth's would feed on the
I wish that my photo was clearer perhaps we will go back today with the larger camera and a different lens and I will try for a better picture - if it is still there.
 I believe the purple flower is a periwinkle. I had to go with no flash to get the colors to look natural as it would white out the lovely shade of purple when I used the flash. Such happy little flowers.
We aren't really sure what this yellow flower is but it's some type of daisy. Perhaps I will pull out my wild flower book and try looking it up later. It was growing all along the shaded part of the Riverwalk.


  1. Thanks for sharing your walk with us. I hope someone gets the benefit of that downed tree. I love wild roses. When we moved into our first house there were wild roses growing all along the back fence.

  2. What a lovely walk you had. The wildflowers are so pretty. A few years ago we had a big, dead pine tree taken down and the tree guy was surprised when I told him we didn't want him to haul it away. We just left it in the woods like it had fallen naturally. It's amazing how many little critters have used that dead tree for a home. Three or fours years now and it's almost completely decomposed. Hopefully your city will do something useful with that tree.

  3. Thanks for sharing your walk...As You Know I Love wildflowers:) And a description of them can be found at bottom of my blog:)

  4. love being able to take a walk with you. how lovely!

  5. Love the flowers! Such a pretty place to take a walk.


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