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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Round and Round

  Granny guessed it.... string blocks. I'm addicted to these now thanks to Bonnie Hunter and my on-line quilting friends. I still have a bit to sew onto the block bases (I use muslin) but they are coming along pretty well. These blocks will be my round on this Round Robin....

This is the last Round Robin I have to work on in this swap; as soon as I get it finished I will be shipping it home to it's owner out West. I'm sure she will be tickled to death. 

It will all have to wait now until I return home from work.


  1. That block is beautiful. Love the colors and design.

  2. Very, very nice Becky! I love the quilt top.

  3. Becky I love string blocks they always look great. Love the colours. To bad you have to go to work. B


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