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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Trip to our property PLUS

Scott and I took a trip up to our 10 acres to see what was in bloom - mostly dogwood trees. Scott went in the old shack and found that someone had been inside and stole the metal objects that were in there and the old tub that was in the neighbors pasture near our property line had been stolen as well. I wish we had a way to keep people off our land but living an hour away makes that difficult. Oh well - most of what they took was stuff that we would have had to haul off ourselves but it would have been nice to have the selvage money for the metal for ourselves.
We are thinking about taking the truck up and pulling the old boat to the property line by the neighbors and blocking the old lumber company road in the hopes that they will stay out of there. We also need to hang a bunch of NO TRESPASSING signs. It's really sad that you can't trust people at all to leave whats not their's alone.
Our front field

Scraggly dogwood tree

Nanjing Cherry coming back from the roots

Scott thinking about moving the LARGE pine limb that came down during one of the ice storms.

A Dogwood in the edge of our woods

The old shack and old boat

Scott inside the old shack

One of my favorite things - so much character

Our back field

The woods at the back of the property where we would like to build a rustic cabin
On the way home we stopped at the new large Jo-Ann's and I got a few more purple and orange FQ's for my quilting "stash" and I got 1/2 yard of some really cute Hawaiian kids doing the Hula and playing - I'm going to cut motif squares to use as Star block squares for a quilt.I just think they are so adorable!
After that we went to World Market again since it was along our route home and I had earned $10 in Gourmet Rewards the other night PLUS a 12 oz. bag of FREE coffee. I also struck on a truly AWESOME deal... a new compost pail for just $2.99. The tag was for the actual pail but the price sticker they had applied was for a coffee scoop but they gave it to me for the price marked. I'm sure it was supposed to be more like $15.00 to $20.00. So we thanked them immensely and brought home our treasure.
The Manager didn't waste anytime pulling the other mislabeled compost pails from the shelf  though so no one else will get this deal anytime soon.


  1. Love the pics Becky.

  2. That is a lovely property you have there. The trees are beautiful and what a character filled shed. What a shame about the theft. My parents have a weekend property too with a shed. All their tools were stolen recently.

  3. Your property is really pretty. I love dogwood trees when they're in bloom. It's unfortuante but in this economy there are people stealing everything they can get their hands on to sell for scrap.

    You hit the jackpot with the compost bucket. I'm glad they honored the price even though it was for something else. My compost container is an old plastic coffee can that I empty every day.

  4. My old compost bucket was a recycled Electrosol ( dishwasher detergent) pail and that's cracked and about falling apart but it worked for many years.

  5. I am big on trees with character, too. You do have a lovely property there. I'm sorry about the theft, but happy about your great deal!


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