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Friday, April 01, 2011

DO DO DO Looking out my front window....

When I am sitting at my desk looking out this is what I see....
A cherry and a dogwood tree in my neighbors' yard

More dogwoods and her gorgeous snowball bush
Looking back toward our house I see these....
Some of my azaleas

My Japanese red maple
And when you get up close to one of the holly berry bushes and look in; this is what you will see...
A Mocking birds nest
And when you turn and look right you will see an empty house; owners just up and moved without a word and left this beautiful house....
Abandoned house
And in my back yard you'd see....
Mustard greens that have bolted

Scott's garlic

Spirea or "Snow on the Mountain" bush
For you Laura!


  1. Beautiful! Spring is just starting to touch the flowering plants where i live. Some Bradford pear are blooming and one of my forsythia is showing it's beautiful yellow.

  2. Oh Becky, these are beautiful! I haven't seen azaleas, dogwoods, or red maples in years. The bushes are beautiful, and your garden is doing great. I remember moving the day after Easter and seeing the dogwood blossoms for the first time... and it was snowing! Thank you for posting all these pictures -- they make me HAPPY. {{{hugs}}}


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