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Monday, July 07, 2008

Hectic week ahead

I'm working 5 days this week for 5 to 6 hours each day. That suites me better than 8+ hour days. I guess I'm just reaching an age where being on my feet too long is painful to the point I'd rather not do it. So I'm happy with the schedule and I will even be home on most evenings. Wednesday I have a dental check-up; my second with the new dentist.

We have corn up in the garden! Scott is so happy it grew. All our seeds on hand are old but we want to use them before we buy new. I have cucumbers and squash that needs to be transplanted to the garden. Our tomatoes have had blossoms but we have seen few bees so we are wondering if any pollination is occurring at all; if not we won't have any tomatoes. People always want to kill all the bugs; I guess they don't realize that those little creatures are what make it possible for us to eat. When we get up to the property we may have to learn to keep bees so that we will have our own on site pollinators.

Scott got the new window in the kitchen and it certainly changes the view.

New window and the views I get standing at our kitchen sink

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  1. your garden looks great...we have a windmill similar to yours. A reminder for my husband of his windmill on the farm he grew up on


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