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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lack of COFFEE!

I went for a second cup and it's GONE! So I've made some more just for me. Greg has to report into his Recruiter this morning and then we are hoping to go walk the River walk together. It will be HOT by then but Scott and I are trying to help Greg loose some weight. I'm going to take the camera just in case something interesting pops up. I really need to go through the memory on the camera and discard anything that I don't want/need a hard copy of. Today is also trash day and the guys got the old love seat to the curb and this morning I hauled all the black bags of weeds to the curb from where I cleaned up the garden. I need to empty the household trash cans next and do some laundry. I'm only working 2 more days this week so perhaps I will be able to work on some projects around here.

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