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Monday, July 28, 2008


I ought to be starting dinner but thought I'd post a bit first. Went and saw my sister, Robin - her new car is lovely. She is quite happy with the purchase. My niece, Gwen and nephew, Drake came over from their fathers to see me a few minutes before I had to get back home. Most of them are going to Pennsic (probably not spelled correctly) and Robin has been making pottery pieces like crazy to sell up there. Hopefully she will make enough to cover the cost of the trip and her materials. Her pieces are so beautiful. The title of this post is now a link to the pennsic war site - MEDIEVAL FENCING! My sister is a Gold scarf fencer and now her kids are getting into it as well. Gwen is getting into fencing and belly dancing - skills I can see worth adding to her tremendous singing skills - I guess.

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