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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

So much for getting up early!

I had plans of getting up early so I could work in the garden for several hours before it got too hot out there, but that did not happen so I will be working in the heat as I have got to get a handle on the weeds out there. Tomorrow we are planning to go up to the property and I want to get some things ready to drop off up there. I plan to transplant my rose bushes to the property and we have thought of a way to use some of our rocks so I'd like to have some of those ready to move up there as well. Scott has to stop at the Plant to take a conference call in the morning and then we would go up to the property for awhile. While he is on his conference call I will work on my knitting project... yep - I'm trying to learn to knit again. I swore I was going to stick with crochet as I can do that but knitting looks so lovely. I'm doing only the knit stitch right now and this is to be a blanket/ cover up. It may just be used as a shawl though. The yarn I'm using seems to pill badly and I keep having to work around lint bunnies that develop along the yarn as I'm knitting. When it's all done I'll have to take a sweater shaver to it. Well I better get this day started.

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