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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dentist Appt. that was not!

I have the card listing my appointment date and time but when I got there yesterday they did not have me on the schedule so I've made another appointment for the 17th. After the NON APPT I went over to my sister's for a little while and played with her cats and caught up on her families adventures. Gwen got her college physical yesterday and shots so she wasn't feeling too well. Drake was into his video games as usual.

On my way back home I stopped at Hancock Fabrics to see if they had some fabric with cows on it for a project I'm working on. They did and it was half off! SCORE!

I also stopped at Bi-Lo and got some of the basics - milk, bread, eggs and yogurt. I made sweet Italian Sausage and peppers last night for supper and we ate it as sandwiches.

Thanks to the afternoon/evening storms we've been getting the cucumber and squash plants that I transplanted to the garden are doing well and Scott's corn is up about 3 inches now. It's so nice to have a garden once more.

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