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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

THE words have been spoken....

I NEVER thought my husband would say, " I'm starting to think it's time for a new mower". Yesterday I mowed the back yard and one side of the front and then no matter what I did to it I could not get it restarted after stopping to empty the bag. Then Scott couldn't get it started when he got in from work either so the statement was made and we had our usual follow up statement - "Geez nothing lasts anymore" - Keep in mind we've had this mower since Greg started walking at 10 months; he'll be 22 YEARS next month. I think over 21 years is good for a mower - we've seen neighbors buy a new one every year. I'm certainly lucky to have a husband that can fix just about anything and not much slows me down either when it comes to making things last.

Friday we are going up to help Scott's Aunt and Uncle with some repairs that need to be made at their place in Greenville. Scott's Mother will be going along with us...

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