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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Upon our book shelves

"SOME" of Scott's Reference Materials and Wood Working books

Quilting books from one shelf in my hobby room.
Gardening books.
"SOME" of my cookbooks
Greg's Cookbooks



  1. You should have made this a blog hop.."show me your bookshelf"?? what a great way to get to know people, and there interests..I may have to dust off my book shelf and take a photo? let me know if you want to do another post and we all link up or whatever...:)~~HUGS~~

  2. I'm not sure how to do the linking bit.

  3. Ah, another bibliophile! : )

    Like you we have so many reference books--cooking, gardening, home repair, crafts, etc.

    Its dangerous for a bibliophile to work at the library! I have to restrain myself lest I get carried away!


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