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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Home Cookin'

Nothing is better than a home cooked meal from scratch. All those boxed meals are absolutely loaded with GARBAGE! In fact Scott calls them "Crap From a Box"... can you tell he is spoiled? Anything that has a list of ingredients that you can't pronounce has to be doing absolutely horrible things to your body. But life is about choices and you are free to choose crap from a box if you wish.

Tonight we are having.... MADE FROM SCRATCH.... Shrimp Creole with rice and a salad. I've included a link to a previous post that contains my Mother-in-laws recipe for Shrimp Creole. It's SUPER easy and is a fairly quick meal. ENJOY!
These blocks are the current project on my work table. Three blocks for 3 block Lotto winners - Carrolyn, Anne and Irene will each get one of these lovelies. I really like this block pattern a lot and am wondering what one made up of scraps would look like... hmmmm... may need to stitch one up to find out.

It's been cooler today... nearly Fall like and we are so happy for the season change. I love Fall... all the deep rustic colors are just oh so wonderful! Of course the cooler weather is also much appreciated. A time to turn off the money eater... no heat or A/C and a nip to the mornings... LOVE IT! Scott wants to make French Onion Soup using Julia Childs recipe and we've been scouring the Thrift shops in search of some of those bowls with handles. I went looking for a picture of the bowls we are looking for and found this one...
 NOT MY PHOTO... belongs to Pink Bites
I've included a link back to her blog as she also has a recipe for a Vegetarian version.


A Gratuitous cat picture...


  1. I don't understand why now almost all pancake syrup seems to have the consistency of thick snot. Some brands come out absolutely lumpy from all the cellulose gum and zantham gum. YUK!

  2. I like Scott's comment LOL. That is one happy contented cat. B

  3. A rather contented cat by the look of it. Getting into cooking myself these days. Really enjoy experimenting!

  4. I agree with Scott's comment! Home cooking done in this household!!

  5. Amen on the boxed food! I used to be a Hamburger-Helper-Kraft-Mac-and-Cheese type "chef." Learning to cook for myself was a life changing revelation. Tastes better, looks better, smells better, healthier, and cheaper. And now I find cooking a pleasure rather than a chore.

    I like your quilt blocks. Someday I will make a quilt. I don't know when, but someday.

    Have a great day, Becky!

  6. Lol to Scott's comment! Love the bowls in the photo...very 70s! I think they were called 'handled ramekins' here.


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