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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Introducing "Ma"

Just wanted everyone to know that "Ma" was actually my Grandma but she will always be "Ma" to me. She raised me from birth and always considered me "her girl".

"US" in the beginning...

With her beloved Amarillas

1981 - shortly before she became ill

Her patched upon patch jeans - the black blob in the background was my horse - Smoky.

Ma behind the wheel of the only  vehicle she ever drove with my 2 sisters and 2 brothers in the wagon.


  1. How lovely. Thanks for sharing these photos to accompany your sweet note from yesterday.

  2. thank you for sharing this with us , such lovely photos :) xx

  3. Oh Becky I did know this and you were one very lucky girl to have such a wonderful lady to teach you and raise you. I am sure you miss her. Great memory photos. Hug B

  4. Becky, thank you for sharing your wonderful memories...I understand now how such memories are much like my own memories of My Granny, ( I left comment about yesterday)~~HUGS~~

  5. What a lovely tribute to such a special lady in your life, your last 2 posts have been, Becky. Enjoyed seeing the photos of your gran. xx


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