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Sunday, September 09, 2012

I Don't Want this weekend to end...

Scott and I fit a walk along the river into our weekend of adventures tonight. We have seen small portions of this metal vessel but the rains have finally exposed it nearly completely. Anyone know what it is? We are not sure but are interested in knowing it's use. Memories of leaves of years gone by when the walkway was first installed were set off beautifully by the setting sun.
Just the two of us being silly.
After we left the River-Walk we drove down past the Amazon Warehouse and were treated to two bird friends...


  1. Oh I love the shots especially the two being silly. B

  2. Thanks for sharing photos! Lea and I are now wired up so looking forward to following your blog!

  3. The metal vessel looks like an old gold sluicing pan. I can't see if the bottom is still intact. Was gold found in the river in the past? Love the leaf imprints :).
    Cheers, Robyn

  4. The Metal vessel is nearly 4 feet across and the bottom is completely gone from what we can tell.


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