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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


EIGHTY FOUR! That is how many comments have been left so far this month. I want to Thank You all so much for finding Scott and I interesting enough to read about our adventures, my hobbies, our critters and yes... once in awhile a rant from my dark side. I went through and crossed off comments that either Scott or I had left in response to someone's question or a comment we felt added more info to a post. And I'm also looking at just my active followers so that brings the number down to 75 comments that I numbered and ran through AND THE SURPRISE WINNER IS...... #22~!And OF WHOM DO I SPEAK???.... Wanna know what the winner will get... I'm not telling! BUT once BLD gets me her address again she will receive a surprise package from me! THAT'S RIGHT... Beth! You won my SURPRISE GIVE-A-WAY!

But wait thats not all my TOP THREE commenters  will get a hand crafted card - made by me if they email me their addresses to playsinsoil1ATyahooDOTcom...
and Deana - Blessings

And thank you to everyone else that took the time to leave a comment every once in awhile. I think I will do this every once in awhile just for fun.


  1. Well! What a surprise!!! You are so wonderfully gifted in the artsy-crafty realm that I just cannot wait to see what you've decided to so generously give away! Thanks, Becky, for the surprise and for your blog.

  2. Oh Becky I would love a homemade card from you yeah me and congrats to everyone else. I don't mind the sad posts I have been known to drop a few of my own.I like your walks I know I think of you when I am on mine and wonder what you would think. Hugs B

  3. Thank You ! I love your crafts...Congrats to the other winners as well!

  4. Thank you Becky! It's always such a pleasure to read your blog too!

  5. You are a kindhearted soul. Congrats to the surprised winner.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  6. :) great stuff, love your blog :) Amelia x


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