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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Morning - EARLY

I'm up... been up since 3:15 AM (regular weekly wake-up time) and it's Sunday... a day I can sleep in. I had a nightmare that woke me in a panic. And it's a Nightmare that could be coming true at the beginning of the year. There may be a big Management switch around at work that would leave me working for someone I don't respect and can barely tolerate. She just gets straight under my skin and drives me crazy as she is a nit picking micro-manager that won't do half of what is expected of her but gets deep praise... drives me nuts. I'm the type of person you hand a stack and say this has to be done today and then leave me alone to do it... she won't. So as much as I love where I work and the job I do I may be brushing up my resume in the new year. Something closer to home would be nice too. But I will wait until New Year's to make any decisions or changes - just venting off some steam here.

The Sunday paper was just delivered and Scott and Greg are still very much asleep. And I'm trying to find quiet things to do so as not to disturb their slumber.

I believe I will try for a few more Z's here in just a little bit.

I've had a few more Z's... and thought I would pop back into this post to clarify a few things. I have reached a point in my life where I will NOT put up with being badgered daily and that is why I say I'd rather find another position than to work for this person. Life is WAY TOO short for that much tension and stress... I just don't need it. Hard A _ _es will say I should just muck up and deal with it but that's not how I want to go through life... dealing with other peoples narcissistic behaviors. Why do people just except things that are harmful to their health and spiritual well being in exchange for money anyway?


  1. Oh Becky it is so true life is too short. B

  2. If you can't enjoy the job with this new manager then yes, it's time to leave..some people get to big of ego and power trip "when given a title" .. many of whom have no clue as to how to treat people..Life Is To short..and Life Is Suppose to be FUN...people have indeed forgotten money ISN'T everything!


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