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Monday, August 13, 2012

So it started with a box....

A BOX! Yes... something most people would just walk to their trash can and toss out. But it was a sturdy box that deserved a second chance ... SO... I took this:
Sturdy little box....

Painted with Gesso...

A color chosen....

Feet painted... decided later to cover with some Gold...

Happy accident!

Creativity conquers!

TOO BRIGHT... sponged with a green distressing ink...

Applied a green velvet paper (should have paint the corners in a dark green).

Added some trim and lace.

NOPE... still not finished!

OK - Now we're done.

How did I do?


  1. That turned out really nice. How big is the box?

    Happy creating ~ FlowerLady

  2. You did FABULOUS!! If you don't mind sharing what is the name on Face Book you referred to for crafting projects?

  3. Beautiful Becky amazing tea box.
    About the song on my comment that is the one my Mom used to sing constantly Thank you for reminding me. Hug B

  4. The box measures 5x9 1/2 inches and without feet it's 3 inches tall - with the feet it's 4-inches tall.

  5. You're welcome B... my Momma sang it as we walked along too.... or skipped along. It's a song my mind goes to frequently.

  6. ... let Constance know you were referred by me please as she is doing give-a-ways of some AWESOME crafty goodness when she reaches 500 subscribers on her FB page. I won the giveaway when she reached 200 and it was AWESOME!

  7. What a transformation! Truly remarkable. Way to go. (Okay, I will do it....I will make the pun that initially came to my mind: Way to think outside of the box, Becky!)

    What are your plans for this lovely box?

  8. My plan is to save memorabilia from future Anniversaries but I may also use it to store handmade Anniversary cards that I could make and mail to people on their Anniversaries. Marriages that last are not celebrated enough.

    1. That sounds like a great idea either way. As a child from a divorced family I always thrill at hearing of such loves and commitments that last.

      I worked at a fast food joint as a teen and one of my bosses would always get downright giddy when her husband would come through to visit. She'd see him, or hear his voice over the drive through speaker, and say "There's my hunk of burning love...." Every time. That was what she called him. They'd been married for more than 30 years. It always made me happy and hope that I could be so lucky. You and Scott are an equally great example for me.

  9. Terrific!! What an amazing transformation Becky!


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