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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Friday Night Sew-In

Handmade by Heidi
Friday Night Sew-In (FNSI) is this Friday - August 17th. You can read more about it and join in at craftyvegasmom ' s blog. I've signed up to join in this week and hope to get several things made to put aside for Christmas gifts.

Today as I was walking to the office to get the plan-o-gram and labels for the rest of the 25 foot run of t-shirts and decals I saw that something I had been eying since they came in had gone to clearance - to just $1.99. I didn't want them to get away so I bought one for my own hobby room and one for a friend for her creative space. These are the sweetest little plates with a ribbon to hang them by and perfect for a hobby room.

Tomorrow they've changed my schedule to 7 AM start as the truck is delivering later than they thought so I will be there during lunch -trying to revamp the other side of the t-shirt aisle. Today I completed the 25 foot run of t-shirts and decals and did the 2 1/2 foot section of duck tape - several new selections have been added - fun stuff! Tomorrow I will do fabric paint, fabric markers and fabric surfaces (totes, aprons, hats, bandanas) and appliques. They want me to get it all done... I will try but being in there during the lunch hours means I will be getting interrupted a LOT. We'll see what magic I can work once I get there.

Scott is not feeling well and I am hoping he hasn't come down with another sinus infection. OH how I wish a job in a nice clean electronics lab would come along. Where he works is extremely dirty on one side of the business and the equipment is "sorta" cleaned up before it arrives on his workbench but it still contains rail crud that irritates his sinuses. He keeps applying for jobs but the age discrimination is absolutely horrible.

Next thing on my mind is Fall's arrival - I don't believe it will be long now. Nature is giving all the sign's that it's not too far off if people would pay attention. The weeds and grasses have full to bursting seeds, the Indigo Bunting population has drastically decreased so we are thinking a good portion has all ready left for South America. Leaves are tumbling from the trees and my red maple in the front yard is taking on it's Fall shades of reds and oranges. My son's birthday - the 24th of August usually signifies the start of Fall for me ever since he was born. When he was born I had bought an adorable light weight baby blue bubble suit to bring him home in and it turned out to be nearly freezing when we were finally able to bring him home a week after his birth. I had to bundle him up in layers as I had planned a "Summer" baby and that is not the temps I had to deal with when we headed home. But we made it and he will turn 26 this year! Where does that time go?

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