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Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Single Day

Today I finally get a day to refresh and perhaps play a little in my hobby room. Yesterday I worked 6 1/2 hours in another store and spent nearly 4 hours riding in a car to help a store in Anderson, SC. I will get paid for the nearly 11 hours so that will be good but boy was I exhausted. I came home showered and passed out. Of course that meant I was up at 2 AM this morning and OH LOVELY I have a head cold. I hate sneezing and Tesla hates hearing any of us sneeze so every time I sneeze he makes a funny cat noise of disgust.

I'm the only one awake of course at this hour on a Sunday morning - I haven't even seen the paper man yet. Perhaps I will clip coupons from the last couple weeks since I've been negligent in that department. Half of them have probably expired all ready but it would give me something quiet to do for awhile. I took some pictures of a Rose of Sharon last evening in between sleeping but can't locate the camera to share them with you all so perhaps I will write another post later today so I can share them and whatever else I get into today.

After going back to bed for 4 hours and then eating breakfast I decided to just add on to this post...

I found the camera in our bedroom; I must have laid it on my dresser when I went to sleep yesterday. So here are the pictures of the Rose of Sharon bloom that I spotted on one of my little bushes.

It was just a single bloom but oh so lovely. I was able to adjust color levels with Gimp to improve the shots immensely. I LOVE GIMP! You can see leaves behind the flower that have started falling from our trees so Fall is just around the corner.


  1. What a beautiful flower! You have Fall coming and we're looking forward to Spring :-)

  2. That is a lovely bloom. I just found the first dried, yellow leaf on the grass in the backyard. I cannot believe how fast this year goes by.


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