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Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's Thursday ... ALL READY?

I can hardly believe that it's all ready Thursday. I guess time passes quicker when you have your noise to the grind stone. I've spent the last two days resetting the entire strung bead department... 30 feet! With 144 to 161 pegs per 2 1/2 foot sections. WHEW! Either the beads moved to a new location or there are new beads to put out today. I stayed 2 hours later than scheduled each day just to get it all done. I have one more strung bead end-cap to reset tomorrow but today will be shoving freight only. Next week we will be getting our first double shipment - 2 trucks in one week... The first delivery will be on Tuesday and that will be our "Seasonal" truck... HELLO CHRISTMAS! I'm scheduled a full 40 hours next week... YEAH! I'll be exhausted and will need Advil or Aleve daily with perhaps some Zyrtec mixed in to combat the scent of cinnamon but I'll be able to pay some bills off some more.

I'm hoping to get off on time today and will see about posting again later today...


  1. Wow! You sure have been busy! And it sounds like quite a week next week too :-)

  2. Having myself , worked retail resetting stores in the middle of the night...Here you are busting ass to get product out as people around you are shopping . ..I Applaud You!!

  3. Oh, I had not thought about the smell of cinnamon being a seasonal occupational hazard! I wouldn't care for that. I like the smell of a touch of cinnamon in a baked good, but that scent used around the holidays is a bit much for me.

    I am on the other end of the nose to the grindstone spectrum. I cannot believe its not Friday yet. The week went fast, but I didn't have enough time. So this week has been oh so long. School started so the library is a whir of people needing help again and I had five new students to train....I am ready for Friday....if only it would get here!!!

    I cannot seem to find your email address to contact you about my awesome surprise package. I was sure I had it saved somewhere, but alas, I cannot find it. Could you tell me what it was again?


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