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Monday, January 10, 2011

A wintery Morning

I was wide awake and in pain again at 5:30 this morning (pulled something in my back yesterday)  so I decided to get up and move around a bit; have some coffee and take some asprin (it's all I got in the house). When I looked out I was greeted with this view...
This is out our front door facing the street; I turned on our porch and street light. Everything is so pristine and lovely and I am glad that I don't have to be anywhere today. I made the coffee; fed the cats and the dog and then Nick wanted out to handle "business"... He started backing up but I made him stay out and told him to hurry. It wasn't long until this is what I saw...

I believe he is ready to come back inside. Tesla always looks confused about the snow - he rarely goes outside because he literally looses his mind and goes into insane psycho cat; plus he has horrible separation anxiety. Perhaps I will take him out to check out the snow in a little while and I will stay with him.

Looking like a GREAT "sew" day to me. 

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  1. Love the cat pictures! Don't love snow, though. :) Every once in a while I wish for a snow day... A single snow day... but then I get over myself. :D


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