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Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh My - Mug Rugs!

I decided the other day to make up some 9-patch blocks utilizing some squares that I had cut during a session of strip work (the leftover bits of a strip). Then yesterday I took one of the blocks and started a "mug rug" - basically a large fabric coaster for a mug and a few cookies or chips.
In the picture above you can see the mug rug with it's binding awaiting a turn and a stitch to complete; which I did this morning. Here is the first completed mug rug...
Mug Rug
I have added a side strip to the rest of the blocks pictured in the top photo and will get them sandwiched and quilted over the weekend. I'll post a picture of them all when completed. I'm planning to sell these as they would make a unique teacher gift for the end of the school year which is fast approaching.

Sitting here at my computer I noticed the Mocking bird nest in the Dogwood tree out front and thought it looked so lovely against our blue sky with wispy clouds this afternoon; I just had to go photograph it.
A promise of future young to watch out my front window.


  1. I love your mug rugs, I will have to try something like that! Thanks for visiting my blog too, and I am so excited to learn to quilt, and already, as you say...I am addicted!!

    PS: my daughter and son in law were both in the Navy, GO NAVY!

  2. These are very pretty. I knit a lot but sadly have never learned how to sew. I wanted to do a quilt for my daughter 2 years ago but dropped it because I couldn't cut the squares well enough. I should try again...I love quilts.
    I got attacked by a mockingbird one year: it wouldn't let me out of our garden shed. Later I saw that they had a nest in the tree next to the shed. I guess they are very protective!

  3. Nice Mug Rugs. I love the colours. A mockingbird that is so cool. B

  4. Yes Mocking birds are very protective as well as territorial but the ones in our yard have never attacked us personally. We have one that will actually show up when I'm in the garden weeding and will wait for us to throw grubs to it. It will get within 3 feet of me and sit there waiting. So funny

  5. Love the mug rugs! We had a mockingbird nest outside our front door last year. They abandoned the nest due to all the people coming and going. I hope yours stick around! I got to see a hummingbird nest up close when we lived in the mountains. Sadly, a blue jay ate the babies when Mama was out getting food. :(


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