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Thursday, January 27, 2011

On my mind....

It's that time again to join in the fun with Rhonda at...

A sparkling clean bathroom. I washed walls and ceilings to rid the room of mold and mildew; it's something we battle here with the humidity and it doesn't help that our son takes really long showers that create a lot of excess moisture from steam. I made the curtains for this room several years ago and they are wearing well. Today I replaced the shower liner with a $1 liner bought at the local Dollar Tree. I'm wanting to repaint this bathroom in a sage green one day.

So - whats on YOUR MIND?


  1. I love sage green! I also like Forest green and Burgandy! Sometimes lowes has paint on sale look in their bins!

  2. Great work, Becky. We have mould problems caused by humidity too. It's a constant problem that I have to watch out for. Your bathroom looks nice!

  3. A thankless task I know! Looks clean and fresh.


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