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Monday, January 24, 2011

Today's Project and The Boys!

This morning I decided to use up a charm pack that I came across while cleaning up my sewing room. I pieced them together; added a border then quilted it  and just a few minutes ago put the final hand stitch in the binding. TA DA....
A completed table runner - done in a single day!

A gift for a friend's daughter
I really like the way that it turned out and so did Scott. He wants me to make one for the top of our buffet table in the dining room but a LOT longer. I happen to have a bunch of Earthy squares cut all ready so perhaps that will be one of my near future projects. I think next I want to make some candle mats and mug rugs though to have on hand for quick gifts.

The boys have stuck pretty close to me all day. Here they are this morning trying to see who could out cute whom and have the desk space next to me. Tesla won out in the end as he followed me on into the sewing room.
Fluffy one is Nicholas and the fat one laying down is Tesla
Tomorrow will be a cleaning and sewing day again. I love being at home like this making things.


  1. Love the boys and the table runner. That is a great picture of them. I miss having a kitty so keep the kitty pictures coming!

  2. I really like your table runner, nice colour match, you sure have an eye. Nice cats I bet they are a big help. B

  3. Yeah - "Help" thats a word for them. LOL!


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