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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Testing Wings once more

Greg will be off to visit friends in Mississippi later today and will be gone until next Monday. One of his friends bought him a bus ticket and he is so excited! I pray for his safe journey there and back and in between. I'm sure that he will have a GREAT time. I'm going to make some snacks for him to have along the way. I'm going to try a recipe from it is from her post today which is actually a repost of a popular post from her blog. The bars sound delicious.

Scott and Greg are still asleep and the cats have been fed so it's my quiet time. Last night I made the mistake of stepping on the scales - I've gained 15 pounds since leaving my job in November. Time to get busy... gotta burn more calories everyday. I will start my "spring cleaning" now to keep me busy and away from the kitchen.

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