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Thursday, December 24, 2009

What a way to start Christmas day...

I'm up at 2 feeling like poo! I knew something was wrong last night when I was ready for bed at 8:30. And I was having a hard time handling the atmosphere at my Mother-in-law's last night. My head is stuffed up and I'm sneezing periodically. I feel like CRAP! Perhaps some OJ and water will make me feel a little better.

12/25/2009 Well I went back to sleep in the recliner and got up about 8 AM feeling a little better. Thank Goodness! My fella's are still sound asleep so I'll have to wait on them for gift opening here. Last night at my Mother-in-Law's I got 2 bags of pecan's (YUMMY - Scott just requested a pecan pie too); 2 quilting magazine's, a scenic nature calendar, some cozy socks (2 pair), a book on SC Wildflowers and a cool ear muff thing. I was thrilled with it all. I've all ready found several projects in the one magazine I've looked at that I want to make. Perhaps if I start now I can make something for EVERYONE in both families next year.

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