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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

POURING cats and dogs - NOT just raining them

We went to bed last night to the sound of pouring rain and then right as Scott was leaving for work it started pouring rain again. It's absolutely amazing the amount of rain that has been coming down the past couple of days. I worry about Scott out on I-77 when the weather is like this because people won't slow down and with the curves in 77 to get you around Columbia there is ALWAYS someone that looses it and causes a major accident. He will call when he gets there safely I'm sure. I am hoping it lets up a bit about 8:30 when Greg has to leave for his job out by the Stadium also up 77.

I will be staying in today and sewing; best way to spend a nasty day. May do a bit of cleaning up as well. I really need to check on my plants that are out on the porch too. Not sure where I will house them for the winter - I'm thinking in the laundry room where the cats can't get into them.

Speaking of the two orange beasts - they have finally settled into the daily napping locations after a morning of scowling at one another. Tesla wouldn't let Nickie get a drink of water for the longest time and then would stand over him and scowl. HILARIOUS! Cats are a trip!

I haven't fed Amelia yet; when the rain lets up I will let her in the bonus room to eat her breakfast.

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