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Monday, December 07, 2009

Housework Day!

I've designated Monday's as my "housework days" - deep clean kitchen and bathrooms, laundry, dust, sweep, mop and or vacuum. Just get the entire house cleaned up and fresh. And all the trash will be ready for Tuesday pick-up. YEAH! I'll print off a grocery sheet today so that as I go along I can check off the things I find we are nearly out of. Then when the grocery ads come tomorrow I can see whats on sale to make menus from. I'm getting back into the swing of being a homemaker again and cutting the budget back to match our income. We are staying cleaner, eating MUCH better and everyone is happier with me home... no additional stresses. Just cutting spending where ever possible which is in a LOT of areas... I read once to make a dollar you have to earn two dollars but to save one cost you nothing more. I like that idea.

My thoughts now are is if it isn't NEEDED - roof over head, basic clothing or food - I don't need to buy it and bring it home to add to the clutter. (we won't talk about my recent fabric purchase - that is a flat out ILLNESS with me and I take full blame). Besides fabric turns into quilts and clothes so it's not all luxury.

Well back to the house - it calls!

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