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Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas is coming together....

I'm coming up with some pretty neat handmade gifts and am hoping that everyone that gets one likes it as much as I think that they will. I also wish that I could share them with everyone that reads my blog but it will have to wait until after gifts have been handed out.... don't want to ruin anyone's surprise. I am taking pictures of EVERYTHING and will have a post or maybe two of the items that I have made. Perhaps it will inspire someone for next Christmas.

For the past couple days I've had a horrible time staying awake in the afternoon and fall asleep at about 6:30 and sleeping to about 9. I'm not sure whats going on and it is rather annoying when I still have so much to do. Perhaps tomorrow I will just give into the nap early on so that I am not napping right before it's time to go to bed. AH! HA! I've had a DUH HA moment... it's the Antihistamine the Dr prescribed thats making me sleeping. SO I will NOT take that it the morning and see if I can be my usual speedy self once more.

I did 9 loads of laundry today which included our sheets and Greg's uniforms from this past weekends drill. I still have 4 loads to fold and get put away.

We had beef roast slow-cooked with potatoes and carrots with corn as a side dish. I know too many starches in one meal but it was easy to throw together. Tomorrow night Scott is attending a dinner in Sumter and the night after that we will be going to Ryan's Steakhouse for an ROTC reunion get-together with the folks Scott was in the ROTC with in High School. So I will cook larger meals at mid-day those two days so that Scott will have a lunch for the following day.

Well I better get back to work on Christmas gifts.... I feel like I should be singing <"We are Santa's Elves....."

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