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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Trip to property and becoming a yarn snob....

Yesterday I still had so much to do for Christmas but Scott loured me away to our ten acres to plant the Persimmon trees that he had started from seed. I should have stayed home as I STILL have so much to do but we had so much fun and I believe that we both desired some time up there. On the way up there I started knitting a hat with black Red Heart yarn - YIK! I've been using cotton for the latest projects and stepping back to acrylic made my skin crawl. I think I may donate all my Red Heart acrylic yarn to my sister's art classes... just too creeping feeling on needles. SO... now I must find places to purchase natural fibers. OR... I could make up blocks using it to donate to Families Helping Families next year.

I took a picture while up at the property of a limb that had fallen from a tree that was covered in such beautiful likens but I can't get the computer to see the camera to upload it. Hopefully when Scott gets up he can figure out whats going on; perhaps the new processor doesn't like the camera connection for some reason.

COOKIE MONDAY is still on but Dad may or may not be in the hospital; we are hoping that he gets released that day. We will do our Christmas exchange with them while we are up there as we can't afford another trip up right now. But for the little ones I want to do the cookie baking; they are so excited. I will have to do my best to get pictures of all of us mixing, baking and munching. Scott is going to make up a batch of his ham salad and I'm going to make up a batch of my chicken salad to take up there for lunch. We will pick up some bread and chips and perhaps pickles to go along with it. That way we can take a sandwich break at lunch time and then keep on baking.

As I still have a lot to do today and tonight - will probably be up till at least 1 finishing things up... I better get off here.

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