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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Stuck in the mud and an Interesting Find

We went up to our land today to check on the little persimmon tree's and to walk around a little. As we were walking in the area that I would like to have a vegetable garden my always alert eyes caught onto something we had never seen before...

This was some sort of fungus that I will have to research more to identify but I had to share this picture that I took of it. It was as large as the palm of my hand and had a bit of water in the center from all the rain that we have been having and in the water there were spores floating. It was definitely the most unusual thing that we have seen on our land yet.

On the way back up the front field we got stuck and had to walk across the road to see if our neighbor Steve could pull or push us out. Thankfully he was and we were able to get back home. Of course he picked a bit at Scott about having "street tire's" on the truck instead of farm mudde'n types... perhaps that is something we will have to look into. I'm sure glad that we didn't take my car up there this time.

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