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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Tackling my chaos...

After I got home from work I decided it was time to tackle this mess....
I had all ready started cleaning up to the left of this photo; but to the right....

AHHHH!!!! Now I've made some progress but am not done yet. I'll take some "after" photos tomorrow.
Of course I had a little helper...
Tesla keeping the shopping bags in line in the hallway while I cleaned up in my hobby room.
It's so easy to loose control of the mess when I get in a creative mood thats for sure. I found I had bought two patterns twice so I have a couple extra patterns if anyone is interested. These are the patterns...
The dress pattern is a US 16,18,20,22.
Leave a comment if you'd like them... first one wanting them will get them.

I've added a bit to the ATC's I started yesterday but they are not complete so I will wait to post more photos of those. Sorry... leaving you on pins and needles I'm afraid.


  1. So Becky looks like I should be doing the same. Are you too busy to drop in and help? :0 Hug B

  2. oooh nice pattern for the bag , dont think the dress would fit me though hehe :)
    love your little helper , more relax than help but I find Bassy keeps me company and does not make me feel so alone xx

  3. I've just been making the same dress over and over so maybe its time I branched out. If no one else wants it I would give it a try. This post is just forcing me to realize I need to do the same in my craft space. I've been out of town so much I haven't been doing much in there, but I have been stashing things in there!


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