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Friday, September 27, 2013

Progress - still not quite "THERE"

I made a little progress on my room today and that is all as Scott was home from work and we decided to make a trip over to the Goodwill on Garners Ferry Road just to look around. I found one item for 75 cents and I will point it out in the following photos.
My "crafting" space ready to be used. I still have a few items to  put away on here but it is so much better than it was when I started on my hobby room.

I'm getting like items into the thrift store jars that I have been purchasing. MORE of the square jars are on my Thrift Store shopping list. I love how I can see what is in each jar! This heart shaped rack was also a Thrift Store purchase. I've used it to hold some of my jars of goodies as well as a place to hang the chunky charms that people have been giving to me as well as the ones I made for myself.

This is the item that I bought today for 75 cents at Goodwill. It's a wicker silver wear basket and I am repurposing it for glue gun storage as well as my bottled glues to keep them upside down so the glue is always in the tips and easier to use.

Another photo of my rubber stamp storage - thrifted from a Goodwill for $5... if my memory is right.

Photo boxes that hold items by type for easier use... lace,  fibers& trims,  bling,  flowers,  handmade flowers,  Butterflies, and Pearl trims. The green basket holds my brads and some metal embellishments.
Well it is getting late and I am tired so I will say G~night!


  1. You are busy organizing. I recall having a similar setup once. Sadly a house fire ended that hobby.

    1. I'm so sorry you lost your crafting space. Mine is my reprieve and my comfort... sort of a sanctuary of crafty goodness.


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