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Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday... woooo hooo the 13th!

I hated that movie... Friday the 13th. Gave me horrendous nightmares. I've never been one for scary movies as my mind takes the story line and continues working it for days...  sometimes weeks afterwards adding more to where the movie ended and completely creeping me out.  Scott isn't much for going to see movies  so if I do go to see something it is usually with our son, Greg. I haven't been in ages not even sure if anything thats out would be of interest as it's all been done before. Maybe I've reached an age where I've just seen the same story line too many times all ready. I so enjoy when the two of us go off on a back roads adventure to explore our State... sometimes farther. It's been awhile since we took that trip to the Mountains - AH I must have wander lust. It'll be awhile before we can do anything like that again as the replacement of the water heater really set us back this month. Ah well more trips will be in our future.

Greg's gal is coming to stay for the weekend and it will be nice to see her again. They seem to have a lot of fun together and she loves to explore the area so we probably won't see much of them. Greg has requested Enchilada's for dinner tonight. When I get off work this morning I will go through and speed clean the house. I did laundry yesterday but still have a little left to finish today. And I've got to get the dinning room table cleared off from where I've been crafting. So it will definitely be a speed clean.

Just some random photos from my disc....
9/20/2012 - Cafe Strudel
8/24/2013 - Butterfly by the River
2/12/2010 - Snow storm - predictions are we are to have a VERY cold and wet winter this year.
October 5, 2008

October 5, 2008 - Bill Well's has past away so this is a wonderful photo to remember him.
Once again the Bluegrass Festival will be on October 5th and we are planning to attend. I need to buy some canned goods for the Food Bank as that is the requested cost of admission.


  1. Oh Company cleaning I love when company comes so I can get my butt in gear and clean. Have fun but I am sure you will. Snow pics what the heck:)? Now I want to go snowshoeing is that weird? hug B


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