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Monday, September 09, 2013

A Tale of Two Knees

I have always had these dark spots on my knees but they are getting darker and "tougher" as I get older. So Scott suggested I try the lotion with Lactic Acid to see if that would soften it up as it work's wonders on his severely dry snake like skin. So we ordered some off Amazon and it arrived today. We will just wait and see how it works for me. Here are what my knees look like right now...
When I was little my Grandma would send me back in the bathroom to scrub my knees again as she was certain I had not bothered to wash them. I do get up and down on my knees several times everyday with stocking and reseting displays.

I'm hoping that this lotion does the trick and at least lightens these spots up or I'm going to be making some nice long skirts (I'd rather enjoy wearing long skirts anyway). I always loved maxi-dresses when growing up and was so sad when they went out of style. But I would like these spots to go away too. I'll give it a couple weeks and then do an update.

I finally got around to making some envelopes with my Martha Stewart scoring board. The first two turned out nice but too small for the cards I had made so I made two more that the cards will fit in quite nicely.
First  two... too small

Second attempts... just right! I've even added some double sided tape for easy sealing.


  1. Ah Becky .... you have to stop crawling to Scott. hehe!

    1. LOL... It's those concrete floors at work that do me in.


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