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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Crafting Saturday!~

Our Swapping Table of cards and ATC's as well as a few items I took for "Show and Tell" on the front corner of the table.
 The next photos are close-ups of the swap items...

Everyone really put their own spin on the card sketch and brought true individuality to the ATC's. I have a lovely collection to use and cherish.
September Cards

September ATC's
Now the part everyone was looking forward to... the Never-Ending card. Well these are photos of mine but I neglected to get photos of the  other's cards. Everyone had so much fun making these. Mine is a Christmas card for a special friend.

One minor mistake at the Teddy's shoulder but other than that I think he turned out pretty cute!

I also made this scarf while we were together... I LOVE it! It's crocheted holding two strands of yarn... one 4-ply and one fancy yarn.

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