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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Helper and a visitor

Well I made a  little more progress on my room today and I  had such a wonderful little helper...
Mr Tesla
The organizer crate in the front right of the photo just would not stay together so when Scott got home from work I asked him how we could fix it. And being Mr Wonderful he said why not just cut a bit off each side panel and see if the slats will stay in place. And TADA it worked....
It works PERFECTLY now and I have it set in place and filled with some paper pads and some of my solid card stock. I'll finish up in there tomorrow and will share some finished photos  then. I may even get in there over this weekend and create a few items.  I have some things to get ready to be mailed as well as I want to mail them next week.

And as a final note to this post I wanted to share a photo of this beautiful little creature that was sitting on the threshold of our side door this morning. Isn't it gorgeous?

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  1. Great storage cube, and the sneak peak of the kitty too. TFS


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