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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Must Improve Positive Attitude!

I started this day feeling very under whelmed. But got a nice surprise at work with an award and thanks from the Management team. I received the quarterly Loss Prevention Award for all I do to watch for areas of concern and bring issues to the Managers if it's something I don't just handle myself. So that was nice... it's always nice to hear positive things about your performance and to feel appreciated.

Scott and I walked down by the Boat Ramp tonight but we didn't have a camera with us so I don't have any photos to share. We decided to walk along the road instead of turning around and returning to the car on the trail and boy we were glad that we did as a deer rain across the road right in front of us. It was really moving fast too. There were tons of fungi in full bloom down there and I so wished I'd had a camera with us. Ah well!

Scott had order some test strips for our Glucose device and they arrived today so we were able to check our sugar levels tonight. Mine was 109 and his was 96. I was super thrilled with our numbers. We were worried that because we haven't been able to check it we were going to have some bad scores but we've been good. We eat very little bread anymore and avoid things like rice and bananas and sweets. We do treat ourselves to a small cup of Zesto's chocolate ice cream once in awhile as we don't want to feel totally deprived. Without the sugary cone the ice cream isn't as bad and I do so love ice cream.

Well I better get to bed as I have to work in the morning. Scott gets to stay home as they worked 4 10-hour days and are off tomorrow. LUCKY DOG!

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