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Saturday, September 14, 2013

An Evening Walk

I received a lovely package of goodies from South Africa yesterday from a dear You Tube friend - Amelia Ireton. She had sent me some crafty goodies as well as some candies and a chocolate star. I ate the chocolate and then decided we needed to go walk it off before I checked my sugar level. I grabbed the camera "just in case" and caught some pictures of the moon.
AT the Beginning of our walk

Towards the end of our walk
A few days ago I took a video of some butterflies on the Lantana out front by the lamp post and a few pictures as well.

Greg's girlfriend, Robin is visiting this weekend and Scott and I don't really have anything special planned for the day or the weekend. There are some chores that need to be tackled though - a repair to the fence out back and that wisteria is still awaiting a thorough wacky back. Whatever you do this weekend make some time for fun!

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