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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Bit or Re-Arranging and Organization

A couple days ago I started re-doing my hobby room and am going through things with a critical eye and trying to get rid of some of the stuff I will never use. I may put some things on Ebay to make a little money as well. Here is the room during the re-arranging portion...
Since I am now off today and tomorrow I will finish organizing my stuff so that I can get busy on some projects. I need to do better about cleaning up between projects but you know once my creativity starts I hate to stop it to clean. I like to let it roam with reckless abandonment.

Yesterday I worked a 7 hour shift - unloaded the truck and then put my section out on the sales floor. I was so exhausted I went to bed at 6:30 last night and got up at 2 AM this morning. Kinda glad I was asked to take today and tomorrow off but I am a bit concerned about another sorry paycheck. I wish we owed nothing on the house and land so a short paycheck wouldn't hurt us so badly. AH perhaps one day. It really is time to down-size I think as we aren't getting any younger and the workforce is such that they don't really want anyone over 50 in it. If I were young now I would be doing all I could to set myself up for retirement by 50 because after that no one really wants you. And I would never move into a larger home I would stick to the first house I bought and pay it off quickly. We really  have way more space than we ever really use.  I think if we really looked at the space we actually use everyday it would be 500 to 600 square feet...  the rest is just storage. OH how nice an electric bill would be on a small home too. Something to think about to be sure. Yep... I have entered another phase of re-evaluation and re-organization so why shouldn't it cover my entire life goals and plans and not just my hobby room.

Family news..... Both of my brothers are expecting new little ones next year. Jack and Nichole found out yesterday that they are having a girl. Charles and Alina won't know for a few more months.

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