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Monday, March 12, 2012

Using Tutorials

Dish Towels I plan to use for bread bags.
 How many of you  have used tutorial's to make things? I just found this tutorial... Cloth Bread Bags . I have some dish towels that would work perfectly for this so I am printing off her tutorial; I think they are big enough to make two bread bags. I have posted about another in the past and need to go back and find that post.

The time change has REALLY messed us up. I could barely drive home from work and went straight to bed and slept most of the day. Scott came home about an hour ago and did the same. What made it REALLY bad is our so called smart phones changed the time to an hour ahead but left the alarms at Standard time so mine didn't go off until 4 AM which meant it was a mad dash for the door as I have to leave by 4:30 AM to be to work on time. I hate rushing the mornings! I need that hour to wake up, enjoy a cup of coffee and a bit of conversation with Scott before I get in the car to drive to work.

Now it's time I started dinner... please share a link to a favorite tutorial in the comments section if you will.


  1. Hi Becky, I saw your comment about these bread bags at Rhonda's blog and just popped in to thank you for putting up the link. What a great idea! My plan is to make one of these today. Again.... thanks!

  2. Oh Becky, I am waiting on the change back to standard time here as it's now staying quite dark until about 6.30am and I'm needing to wear a jacket in the mornings as it's still chilly. I wish governments wouldn't try messing with nature's functions :(. Funny thing is that in Australia only half the states/territories have daylight saving and the east coast is a split timezone as there's AEST in the North and ADST in the South. Silly state governments!!

  3. Becky, at the moment I'm trying to learn to make a granny'r split your sides laughing if you saw the difference between the original and mine. Maa


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