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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Craft Show

Photograph by Dan Williams - Dan Williams birds 
I absolutely fell in LOVE with this print and thought it would go so well with the drawings I've bought in the past from J. Hinerman. I would have bought another print from them but they weren't there this year; I believe this handsome fellow will look wonderful with "Mindy's Dragon" and "Uncle Jake and His Two Bad Habits".
Now for these lovely tasty bits! Once Scott started tasting we HAD to buy some to bring home; especially when the fella started talking about ways to use this awesome stuff in recipes. You can visit their website here... Meadow Croft Farm
They are located in Swoope, Virginia. We are going to HAVE TO learn to make pepper jellies.

We had a nice morning even with the rain. So many beautiful pieces but such a wide range of Artists... jewelry makers, potters, Woodworkers, glass work, gourmet foods, flavored nuts, fudge makers, etc.... I so enjoy seeing what their hands can make.

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  1. Wow, sounds like you enjoyed the day! Love craft soon as our weather warms up for good:)


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