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Saturday, March 03, 2012

A Special Treat

Just for me....
Hamrick's had a coupon in last Sunday's paper for 15% off one item regular or sale's price so I stopped in there on my way home and found this fun little pair of shoes. I LOVE EASY wearing shoes - slip on and off as I HATE shoes indoors. And these just grabbed my attention from 20 feet away. They will go with SO much in my Summer wardrobe plans.


  1. Oh, now those do look comfy and they were on sale as well!
    I laughed when you commented that you HATE shoes indoors, because I'm the same way and always have been. Just ask my husband!
    Glad you found such cute shoes!

  2. Those are cute shoes. I also hate shoes indoors, and am always barefoot. Sometimes I go barefoot outdoors but not as much as I used to. My feet are more tender with age.

    So, you're another pisces birthday girl. Happy Birthday Becky.


  3. Another bare foot person here as well both inside and out!
    I wanted to tell you my blog post was not meant especially for you! However, if You read the post I mentioned she gives great reason of how to deal without word verification...She is the reason I dropped it long ago..
    HAPPY Birthday to YOU!!!
    ~~peace & love & joy & blessings~~

  4. Ah - I know B! I was just saying why I had added it to mine - I'll go back and ready that post to see what she has to say. I just don't want viruses and such affecting my dear readers.

  5. I went and read it and made a few changes so hopefully I won't find mischievousness taking a foot - if that happens I will have to switch back to all the bells and whistles of safety.

  6. Wow I missed your birthday Happy Birthday Becky I do love those slippers. B


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