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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Swap Apron

Yesterday after I got home from work I started working on the apron I will send to Jo in the UK as part of the Apron Swap on Down to Earth.
Traced around an OLD apron and added a half inch seam allowance.

For the pockets I traced around a box of crackers.

I wanted rounded corners so used a bowl for those.

Pocket pattern piece.

OOPS! Marker bled through onto counter top - no worries rubbing alcohol took it right off.

Fold two fabrics right sides together and stack one atop the other.

Pin down pattern pieces through all 4 layers making sure the design is pointing toward the top of the apron. OH I just used one of my rotary rulers and sort of free handed the pattern piece for the ties.

All cut out except I needed another set of 4 apron strings  - 8 total pieces NOT 4; I was having a BAD day yesterday where things just felt muddled in my brain. But it's all cut out now and I've begun sewing the pieces. I'll post more after work today. I am hoping to get this completed and in the mail by tomorrow. I may make a couple pot holders to match as well and pop a recipe or two in the pockets. I love these fun swaps!


  1. Your so amazing with your projects and kindness to others..

  2. Boy, I admire such talented seamstresses as you who just make up patterns like this. Someday, with a bit more practice, I shall be brave enough to try it again.


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