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Friday, March 09, 2012

EARLY morning ponderings

I took a nap yesterday afternoon and it has knocked my sleeping pattern all wonky. So here it is 2:22 AM - I've been up since about 1:30. It's going to make for an interesting day today but luckily it's the weekend and I can make adjustments to get back  on track.

So... things that float through ones head at such an early hour...

Why did Freddie Mercury have to leave us so young?
What makes a friend a REAL friend?
Why do some of us always feel like square pegs in a World of perfect round holes?
Short or Long - whats better in working hours and hair length?
Domestic abilities - why aren't they cherished anymore?
Why can't people step back and put themselves in another person's shoes before turning nasty?
Random acts of kindness - the World needs more.

Just a bit of what is floating around in my head at these Wee hours. Isn't it funny how our minds process information? To take this mixed bag of things and come up with organized, constructive thoughts is amazing. What is floating around in your mind this morning?

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