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Monday, March 19, 2012


I just got my copy of Rhonda's book; I  follow her blog and when her book was released I wanted one so I ordered one all the way from Australia where she lives. It will definitely be by my bedside and perhaps with me on our travel's this weekend to the AWA (Antique Wireless Association Meet) Hopefully we will do better up there this year. Regardless if we do or we don't we are looking forward to the time out of town together. Greg will have to hold down the Fort while we are away - haven't decided whether we will stay over night up there or drive home as it's just an hour and a half long drive - but we have to factor in gas cost.

These azaleas along the front of the house are really full of blooms and are absolutely stunning.
These are coming along but bloom fully later as they are a larger variety but in just another week or so they will be stunning as well.
This one pink camellia just seems to go on and on with it's blooms; I need to start some more of this one.

All the bushes are covered in bees working and I am seeing more butterflies everyday. It's 6:30 PM and it is 88*F here in the Central part of South Carolina. GORGEOUS!


  1. Oh jealous of you getting your book! lol, looks great and I can't wait to order mine soon! I'm sure you'll enjoy it and get alot out of it, she is one fantastic lady isn't she? :)Ruth

  2. Your garden is lovely, Becky! Thanks for commenting on my post!

  3. Just yesterday I was reading over at Rhonda's and say the image of the book on the sidebar and thought "I really need to order a copy of that!" Have fun out with your honey!

  4. You grow the same flowering shrubs as I do Becky, however yours are in flower much earlier than mine. Beautiful.


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