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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Doings

I started my day trying to figure out what time it actually was as I had forgotten it was "Spring Forward" time again but the computers n\knew; now to get it all changed on all the other clocks in the house that don't do it automatically. I wish the time would just STAY - no switching back and forth in Spring and Fall.

Before mowing
I looked out the back window and saw that the rain had really gave the lawn a boost and the poor dogs had a jungle out there. So after breakfast I went out and mowed that for them. Amelia always barks with joy when she see's the mower being pulled out of the shed. NOW I can see all their lovely "bombs" and need to go out and clean those all up. I will do that Wednesday since I will be off work that day.
After Mowing
As you can see the garden also needs some attention and I will give it some on Wednesday as well. I did plant the potatoes in the one prepared and mulched bed today and will plant some other items on Wednesday as well.

I've cut coupons and made a list for CVS and went ahead and went down there since it's less than a mile from our house and I had two $5 rewards that would expire today. I did two transactions so that I could "roll" my extra bucks. My first transaction earned me $13.99 in extra bucks which I used on my second transaction.
Spent $9.06 - Saved $19.18 and earned the $13.99 in Extra Bucks
I always scan my CVS rewards program card as I start shopping and see what the machine will give me in coupons or rewards. Today I got a bunch but only used one off the snickers eggs - yes there were 2 when I left the store but one didn't  make it to the house...hmmm... what could have happened to it?
Spent $4.95 - Saved $38.04
I will go through the rest of the ads this afternoon I also need to buy meats and veggies that you rarely see coupons on but will buy whats in season and on sale. I'm REALLY wishing we had a freezer. SAVE SAVE SAVE! I'll get one in time - just have to remain patient.

When I came home from CVS the "kids" Greg and his girl, Rachel were cooking breakfast and wanting to make coffee ( Yes at 2 in the afternoon). When I showed them the beans I'd been grinding for the past few days I suddenly realized they were DECAF! No wonder we are dragging and have headaches - it was one of those "duh ha" moments.

I'm kinda looking forward to working just 4 days this week. For now it's back to the laundry and house cleaning.


  1. We also wish they would LEAVE time alone. What a pain in the rear and a mess with our minds.

    Glad to see you are out enjoying the coming of spring.

    Have a GREAT week ~ FlowerLady

  2. We spent the day outside with our 3 yr old grandson checking to see if the stones were still in there place and counting how many empty jars had been saved for bug hunting and firefly collecting:) He said "he is getting prepared" the time they left he was about to fall asleep..I think we accomplished what we sat out to do... tucker him out by letting him run and explore!


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